Charts and Dashboards for SharePoint & Microsoft Teams

Business Intelligence from SharePointâ„¢ List data

Create fully featured charts and dashboards on a modern SharePoint page using our easy to configure web parts.

Install from Microsoft AppSource

Aggregate, filter, sort, and combine your data

Fine-tune your data with powerful data aggregation and filtering options. Select a list view to display, and easily apply grouping and aggregation to the data.

Combine multiple series on to a single chart.

Bar, Column, Line, Pie, Donut, Scatter, Gauge and variations of all the standard chart types

Creating a chart couldn't be simpler - add the web part, choose the data source, select your chart type and it'll render immediately on your page.

Interactive Drill down filters

Add drill-down filter fields to the page with the Filter web part. Connection to charts on the page is automatic and seamless.

The filtering requires almost no configuration and no coding - simply select the field to filter on.

Combine with SharePoint Modern Web Parts

Engage the power of modern SharePoint Pages with the built-in web parts to enhance your dashboard.

No Code Required

No custom code, no complex configuration. Business users have control over the design and can maintain the dashboard as requirements evolve.

Native Microsoft Teams Integration

Add a Teams Chart Tab natively, or embed a full SharePoint page dashboard within Teams.


Free to use for one user per tenant. For more users, contact us!

Download & Install

Install from Microsoft AppSource

Manual install

  1. Download the package


  2. Upload it to your SharePoint App Catalog

    Drag the package to the App Catalog to make it available. No special installation permissions are necessary.

    Where's my app catalog?

  3. Place the web part on a Modern page

    Follow the intuitive configuration process to display the chart.

    You will automatically be placed into the Free tier.

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